Looking at Ellen

Stretching from horizon to horizon, hail to the majestic mountain massive
Lincoln to the left, Stark to the right; generals whose valor is prominently honored

Her now serene flanks presiding over the reconciliation of warring rivals

Crowned by a semi-circle jagged ridge punctuated with deep valley folds

Nature’s elements hewing a tree lined arette interspersed with craggy rocks

Green as their namesake, lime in the spring, forrest shades in the summer

Exploding into browns, yellows and oranges in the fall before turning white in the winter

Looking for the sign of the cross, but finding only squiggly ski slopes etched in the hillside

Watching a deepening social harmony among the valley’s diverse denizens

The competing allure of the bucolic lake on the other side beacons for her gaze

One wonders.

Is she looking back or at the lake?

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