Ain’t no Meadow!

A few puffy clouds in an otherwise deep blue sky
Sun warming up the dawn after a chilly mountain night
Perfect weather for a mountain trail run
Setting off at a slow running pace
Traversing a Meadow below the eponymous mountain
Breathing comes labored after a few minutes
Why does a gradual sloping walking path becomes so challenging
Looking forward to a bit of shade to ease the burden
Even more intensified breathing
Several false summits add a tinge of completion anxiety
Chanting “sut nam” to clear the mind
Just one more step, one more step
A final push up to the summit ridge
Then crossing a gentle sloping open space
Still labored breathing, but destination in sight
A rustic line cabin atop Meadow Mountain
And the prospect of much needed respite
Goal finally in hand
Recovering ease of breath amidst cragged mountain scenery
And then setting off for the equally challenging trail head return

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