Revolutionary Reputations Revisited

A lecture  on Analyzing Revolutionary Reputations

Many instances, contemporary participants and later historians differ in their views of the reputations of key Revolutionary War figures.  This lecture examines the pre and post revolutionary war and modern era reputations of three notable Revolutionary leaders:

  • Ethan Allen – legendary leader of Vermont’s Green Mountain Boys
  • Israel Putnam – One of the first four Major Generals in the Continental Army
  • John Stark – Hero of the Battle of Bennington

Early and Mid-19th century historians provided  differing reputation descriptions of these three leaders from the views of their contemporaries.  For better or worse, these reputations have continued to evolve into the 21st Century. This historical bias is one reason why the analysis of primary sources is so important in historical interpretations.

Included in the analysis of their evolving reputations is the impact of gender and their spouses.

Click below to access the lecture:

Revolutionary Reputations Revisited

Please respond with your views on the reputations of these three Revolutionary leaders.





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