Finding solace

Solo hiking but not alone

Entering Phen Basin in the day’s last softening light
Into a mature mountain forest amid the golden hour’s enveloping calm
Rising ridges visible on the right and the left
Traveling back and forth across a frozen mountain stream
A fraying relationship heavy on the mind
Zero degree temperatures adding to the chill
Step after step, perspectives begin to change
Noticing nature’s warming environs taking over
Radiating light from snow covered grounds highlighting rocks, trees and deadfall
Transforming thoughts to thankfulness for what you have
Realizing time to turn back for a safe return 
With each new step
Burgeoning affectionate thoughts generating increasing warmth
Finishing with a comforting glow as the orange moon turns white
And darkness descends, but knowing new affection will grow 
Leaving the warming natural confines of the Basin 
With supportive perspectives from comforting surroundings.

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