Happy Bunker Hill Day! Charlestown Patriot Bridge Interview of Gene Procknow on the Battlefield Commander

June 17th is the 242nd anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The citizens of Charlestown commemorate the battle each year with parades and festivities.  Each year they focus on the story of a different battle participant.  This year, the featured warrior is the Patriot General Israel Putnam.  Putnam held a General’s commisions from the Stateo f Connecticut and served as the most senior officer on the battlefield.  However, this battle took place before the formation of the Continental Army.  The militias of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut each answered to the officers of their states with only a loose agreement among the militia leaders to coordinate on the battlefield.


Israel Putnam

Gene Procknow discusses the controvery surrounding Putnam’s battlefield command performance in an interview with the Charlestown Patriot Bridge.  A link to the article is listed below.

Charlestown Patriot Bridge Article on General Israel Putnam

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