An Amazing Revolutionary Era Life Discovered!

Four years ago, I sat next to a dinner party guest and learned about an old journal passed down through generations by her family. The previously unstudied, but well-preserved journal did not have a beginning or end. However, it revealed an American Revolutionary Era document penned in beautiful cursive by an unsigned author. Written by a son of a British soldier, reading the journal started me on a journey to discover its author and chronicle his life. Read my new book, William Hunter Finding Free Speech: A British Soldier’s Son who Became an Early American, to learn how I pieced together evidence to find the author’s identity and recount the intrepid life of a newspaper editor, publisher, politician, and community builder in the early nineteenth century. For more information see, the book and author website.

Oxford Southern, an imprint of Sunbury Press, produced a high-quality book. Curious readers interested in a unique documentary discovery can purchase hardback or paperback copies from their website. Additionally, Amazon offers print copies and an e-book version.

Book Cover

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