Gene Procknow Gives Key Note Speech at the 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn Commemoration

On August 27, 2017, the 241st anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn, residents of Brooklyn gathered at Green Wood Cemetery to remember the service and sacrifice of the Patriot Soldiers.  Notably, the battle was the largest of the Revolutionary War and the first battle in US history (the first after the signing of the Declaration of Independence).  While many Patriots fought valiantly, a massive number of British forces overwelmed the Patriot ranks.  However, George Washington organized a masterful night time retreat from Brooklyn Heights to Manhatten, saving the Patriot Army and the Revolution.

Each year the Old Stone House (, the Battle of Brooklyn Memorial Society and the Green-Wood Cemetery hold a Reenactment and Commemoration at the Green-Wood Cemetery.  Atop the highest point of the Cemetery, Battle Hill, is the site of a heroic stand by members of the Patriot forces.


The Commemorative Ceremony inlcuded the National Anthem played by the Regimental Bank of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, a welcome, a Key note address and ended with a Wreath laying and benediction.

The Commemorative Ceremony is the culmination of a week long series of events honoring the men and women who served and sacrificed.  Click for details on all of the events.

One of the most unique features of the Battle of Brooklyn is that a rural battlefield is now an vibrant city.  Howver, one can still see various battle sites and understand how geogrpahy played an important role in the conflict.


Gene Procknow giving the Commemoration Address


As in the orginal, British forces overwelmed Patriot soldiers in this lively re-enactment of the battle.


Authentic down to the buttons, this Marblehead regiment is dressed as militia this day.


Well trained British demonstrating superior drill and sporting the famous British “Brown Bess” muskets.


British officer with aide aggreesively commanding from the front.


As thousands of people gathered to witness the ceremonies and the re-enactment, many members of the press attended including the New York Times and other local media.

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